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Right to Know Week 2016
Monday, September 26, 2016
Right to Know Week 2016 September 26 - October 2
Right to Know Day September 28

What is "Right to Know" Week?
"Right to Know" Week celebrates the right of an individual's access to information held by public bodies and marks the benefits of transparent and accessible government. Right to Know Day, which is on September 28, is celebrated around the world in over 60 countries that have access to information legislation.

Why celebrate the "Right to Know"?
- Access to information provides individuals with knowledge to address pulic issues, scrutinize government and become active participants in the democratic process.
- Access to information has revealed and clarified the basis for government decisions, disclosed environmental and health dangers and shed light on error, mismanagement and illegal activities.
- Access to information has required improved records management, prompted routine disclosure of information, prompted the duty to assist the public and resulted in better government service and efficiencies.

Do you want to:

- find out more information about government priorities?
- gain a better understanding of issues that are of particular concern to you?
- actively participate in the democratic process?


Every citizen has the right to request access to government records - a right that is preserved through various federal, provincial and territorial laws across Canada. This right is essential to foster greater government accountability and transparency.

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